North American Drama Therapy Past Conferences:

2020 Annual Conference: Virtual Conference 
Riding the Wave: The Next Act for Drama Therapy

2019 Annual ConferencePhiladelphia, PA

A Celebration of Drama Therapy through Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

2018 Annual ConferenceKansas City, MO
Beyond the Fourth Wall: Engaging Therapeutic Performance to Expand Our Impact on Communities

2017 Annual ConferenceDanvers, MA
From Theory to Practice: The Drama Therapist’s Toolbox

2016 Annual Conference: Seattle, WA
The Power of Dramatic Play and Creativity: Sunshine Under the Umbrella

2015 Annual ConferenceWhite Plains, NY
Magnetic Forces: Working with Attraction and Aversion to Difference and Social Justice

2014 Annual ConferenceYosemite National Park
In Harmony with the Elements: Drama Therapy and Wellness

2013 Annual ConferenceMontréal, QC, Canada
*34e Conférence Annuelle
Knowledge through Performance: Arts Based Research and Drama Therapy

2012 Annual ConferenceNew Haven, CT
Witnesses to the Dark: the Absence, Emergence and Performance of Trauma

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the North American Drama Therapy Association.